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If you know us intimately you already know how this goes but if we haven't told you our story yet here it is. Against advice from our loved ones we met online, many people warned us this would be a bad idea and only weirdos or creeps would have to succumb to something like online dating sites, well they were right. After trial an error we were on the brinks of giving up, but that was not in God's plans, we eventually each found a weirdo we wanted to be with and thus we began dating. I was captivated by his smile and the dimples that peaked through when he laughed, he says, my beauty inside and out made him want to seal the deal. We began dating, creating memories, sharing experiences that cemented our bond and realized that we wanted this to go on for a lifetime. We've had high points and low points like most relationships but it was in those low points that we saw that we were better together than apart. So please join us on our special day, and help us create the memory of a lifetime.